CinderSOC 24/7 365

Continuous perimeter monitoring

  • Automation + human intelligence
  • Automated SMTP and DNS health check
  • Domain and SSL monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Website and social media hijack detection


Most companies don’t even know how many public-facing applications they have. To reduce the global application threat surface, Cinder discovers all your public-facing applications and identifies the most exploitable vulnerabilities. Web application perimeters are constantly expanding as companies spin-up new websites for new marketing campaigns or geographies, create web portals for customers and partners, and acquire companies. Cinder SOC periodically scans your  network, applications and find & report vulnerabilities.

OS / Port Discovery

NormShield Port Scan engine periodically checks customer edge to find any changes(New ports, missing ports, New OS and missing OS) and creates an alert if any changes found. Newly detected assests are added to assets list and labeled.

SSL Monitoring

Forgetting to renew SSL Certificates is a common problem for most companies since nobody is directly responsible for them. NormShield monitors your SSL certificates and notifies you if it is about to expire so you could renew them before them gets expired.

Malware Detection

Continued malware detection enables you to detect malicious software hosted on your domain or URL.

IP / Domain Reputation Control

NormShield monitors your Public IP addresses and Domain names and alerts you if we detect that they have been blacklisted.

Uptime Monitoring (Web, DNS)

In order to keep your customers happy, your sites need to be accesible almost 100% of the time. Public IP addresses and domain names of your company are being constantly monitored to detect any possible performance issues and it`s accesibility by our DDoS & Uptime Monitoring module.

BGP Hijack Monitoring

NormShield monitors your network and informs you in case of a route-hijack, network instability and policy violations.

Rogue SSL Certificate Detection

SSL cetificates has to be unique and used for only the site is the certificate was generated for. SSL engine monitors your certificates and search for the internet to detect any misuse.

IP Routing / MIiTM / Hijack Detection

Hackers are always interested in altering the communication between two parties for sensitive data. Normshield Network visualization engine monitors the communication path and alert its customers if any suspicious path is detected.

Border Protection Control

It is always good to know whether your firewall, IPS or WAF is operating as expected. Border Protection Device Monitoring module allows you to check the status of your security devices that are facing out side of your organization to ensure that they are running properly.

Malware Domain Control

Websites/Domain names are being hacked for illegal activities. Hacked domains are used to host malicious files to infect innocent visitors of that domain. NormShield monitors your web assets to make sure that there is no malicious files on your outside facing web sites.

Defacement Alerts

NormShield monitors your website for any possible defacement and sends you alerts if your website content is changed significantly or certain keywords are missing from your website or certain keywords were added.

CMS Monitoring

CMS platforms are considered an appealing targets for the hackers. Although CMS platforms provides some form of protection they are still vulnerable to many attacks. CMS Vulnerability Detection module provides you automated monitoring of your CMS websites and notifies you when a vulnerability is detected.