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We are cybersecurity experts.

We saw the lack of cybersecurity and SIEM's implemented in companies.

From this observation and several surveys showing that at least 70 % of companies already suffered a cyber-attack, they both knew they could secure and simplify IT for SMEs.

They made this belief the official mission of Cinder CyberSecurity: Protect small teams and simplify their relation with IT.

Cinder in the media

Cinder in the media

‘Nasty’ Bug In MetroPCS Site Left Personal Data of Subscribers Open to Hackers


Endless Possibilities.

Stay ahead of changing security requirements. Rely on innovative solutions and services from Cinder CyberSecurity.

Cinder CyberSecurity

Cinder Cybersecurity Services

Safeguard your data

Safeguard your data using Cinder CyberSecurity’s recommendations. Have your data kept safe.

Secure Email

Make email safe and compliant with real time threat detection of malicious files being sent to emails.

Team Cinder

CinderSec’s team has a team of consultants highly skilled to help securing your business and company.

Cinder SOC

CinderSec’s SOC for Security Detection and automation for real time updates.


Cinder CyberSecurity

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Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide step-by-stepinstructions without being put on hold or waiting in line.